About Be Organizing

Be Organizing is a company of professional digital organizers. Our goal is to help people free up time to do what they love by bringing order and efficiency to their digital life.  We specialize in personal and business digital organizing services including computer files, photos, email, notes, digital document management, passwords, contacts, calendar and more!  We serve the entire US and are headquartered in San Diego, CA.

Before Be Organizing became what it is, our founder, Alex, was a paralegal for five years at two different paperless law firms.  As the “go to” person when it came to keeping case files and documents in order, she developed a deep understanding of building systems, tracking and storing highly sensitive and private documents online and off.  Over time she realized that many clients would come to them without having any of their paperwork and information together or in order.  This added so much time and stress to an already stressful situation for the clients.  From there, her digital organizational skills heightened, her love for it and it's benefits sky rocketed, and Be Organizing was born in November 2012!

What Matters To Us


Creating SIMPLE systems and processes that are easily to follow, save time and reduce stress is what we are all about!


We believe in always looking for opportunities to be more efficient.


The organizational system that works for someone else doesn't mean it's going to work for you. Using our creativity, we find the right solution for you.


By reducing stress and saving time with digital organizing, we believe in a work/life balance.

Positivity & Fun

We believe in bringing positive energy,  encouragement and fun in all we do.


Not only do we easily collaborate with each other, we work with you as a team, at your pace and within your comfort zone.

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Meet Our Team

Alex Brzozowski, Founder, CEO

Alex Brzozowski is the founder and CEO of Be Organizing. She started Be because she believes there’s a better way to organizing peoples lives—focusing on organizing "Digital Life”.

Her midwest upbringing (Detroit) and values as well as her schooling at Butler University around “The Butler Way” are the pillars that have built her successful career in San Diego.

She is a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO). Alex is active in the San Diego Chapter of NAPO and served on the Board of Directors for 8 years including most recently as Chapter President.


Alex also is Co-Author of "It's Not About the Food: Personal Stories and Inspiration from Health Coaches and Wellness Experts to Transform Your Weight Loss Mindset and Lose Weight Without a Diet" where she writes about organizing and its relation to weight loss.


Meredith Young, Customer Care and Executive Assistant

Meredith Young comes to Be from the corporate world where she has always enjoyed helping others thrive, whether it be as an Executive Assistant, Event Planner or Department Manager. It seems most of her professional life has centered around creating avenues of success for the greater good. “That’s why joining Alex and her staff made so much sense to me, I like the thought of providing a service that frees individuals and companies from the clutter of life.”

Kelli Fischer Digital Organizer Headshot

Kelli Fischer, Professional Digital Organizer

From Fortune 100s to small startups, Kelli Fischer has spent her career creating personalized systems for the unique needs of organizations and individuals. She believes life is short and is passionate about helping others create efficient organizational systems so they can spend more time doing what they love.

While she is a Midwest girl at heart, Kelli loves working with people from all over to create more clarity in their digital sphere.

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