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Paperless Chaos: The Advantages of Digital Organization (and How to Get There!) 

By beorganizingblog | March 14, 2023

What are the advantages of virtual organizing and getting your digital files in order? And, more importantly, how do you get there? Let’s take a look. The Advantages of Digital Organization Being a proactive digital organizer offers a wealth of different benefits: Understanding How to Get There But how do you get there? Here are our…

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The Ins and Outs of Cloud-Based Storage Systems

By beorganizingblog | March 7, 2023

Looking for a way to bring your file organization up to date? It might be time to upgrade to a cloud solution. But what are cloud-based storage systems, and what are their benefits? Let’s take a look. What is a cloud-based storage system? A cloud-based storage system is a form of virtual organizing in which…

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Why You Should Declutter Your Digital Life 

By beorganizingblog | February 16, 2023

There’s something about chores that makes us think… “Oh, I’ll do it later.” This is natural, it happens to all of us — we put stuff off and we put stuff off, and then, before we know it, everything has got out of hand. Virtual organizing is no different. So, let’s stop procrastinating. Here are four…

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The Benefits and Challenges of Digital File Organization

By beorganizingblog | February 6, 2023

We all want to make great virtual organizing and file organization strategies part of our life, but often this is easier said than done. Let’s take a look at some of the challenges that lie in the way of your digital file organization approach, as well as some of the benefits you can expect from…

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5 tips for virtual organizing success from a professional organizer

By beorganizingblog | January 15, 2023

Looking for some great tips for virtual organizing success? Take a look at these handy pieces of advice from the professional team here at Be Organizing. Set browser download preferences Don’t let your browser download files to a default folder, or just anywhere. Instead, set it to ask you where to save downloaded files. This…

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How virtual organizing can help you save time and money: A case study

By beorganizingblog | January 4, 2023

Meet Jane. Jane balances her time between running her small business and helping her teenage kids navigate high school and adolescence. This may be a familiar situation for lots of you out there, but Jane is a little different. You see, there are two Janes — Digital Organizer Jane and Chaotic Jane. Let’s see how each…

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The Value of Virtual Organizing: Why It’s Worth Your Time and Effort

By beorganizingblog | December 15, 2022

Are digital and virtual organization really worth all the time, effort, and hassle? Yes, yes… and yes! Take a look at the psychological, emotional, and practical value of getting your files and photos in order. The Psychological Value Digital organizing can have a big impact on our psychology. Here’s how; The Emotional Value Emotional and psychological…

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Why Bother Backing Up Your Photos When You Can Just Keep Them on Your Phone?

By beorganizingblog | November 30, 2022

You need to stop leaving your photos on your phone! Here’s why you need a digital organizer backup system to help you manage those all-important phone photos. What Is a Backup? A backup is a digital photo organizing lifesaver — a secondary form of storage where you can keep all of your digital photos. In…

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Backing Up Your Digital Photos: The What, How, and Why 

By beorganizingblog | November 14, 2022

Back up your digital photos… you’ll have heard this advice time and time again. But what does it mean exactly, how do you do it, and why even bother? Find out more below. Digital Backup — What is it? Digital backup is an important method of file organization. Essentially, it means saving the same file — a photo…

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Making the Most of Your Photos: Organization Hacks from a Professional Organizer

By beorganizing | November 6, 2022

How do you make the most of your photos? Take a look at a few hacks from a professional digital organizer! Direct Sharing and Showing Use a digital photo organizer solution with integrated sharing and showing functionality. What we mean by this is an app that integrates directly with your cloud storage solution – such as Google…

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