2 of the Best Email Organizer Apps on the Market, and 1 to Consider

Email is great – how many times have you received an email that has all the information you need in one, handy, searchable location? On the flip side of this, the modern phenomenon of “meetings that could have been emails” shows just how vital this communication tool is, and how we have taken it to our hearts.

But email inboxes can still get out of hand. With this in mind, take a look at some of the digital life organizer apps you can use to bring your email inbox under control.


Clean.email provides great results for cluttered inboxes, sifting through all those emails, getting rid of the newsletters you no longer need and unsubscribing. This digital organizer app for your email is not free, but this also means they will not sell your personal data – which is definitely a comfort.


Boomerang is a handy email scheduling tool that lets you choose when you receive and send emails. As so many of us waste considerable hours a day checking and managing email, this app is very welcome indeed.

One to consider: Unroll.me

Unroll.me helps you to take control of your email subscriptions and overflowing inbox. However, this is a free app – which sounds good, but this means they receive revenue in other ways, like by selling your data. Unroll.me operates legally and only sells data to trusted partners, but this may still be a red flag for some users.

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