4 Receipt Organizer Apps To Get On Top of Your Finances

Paper receipts can be a real headache, which is why receipt scanner and organizer apps provide such a valuable service to users. But which are the best receipt scanners and organizers? Here are four options to consider. 


If you’re running a business, Quickbooks is among the best receipt scanner apps available. This is because of all the features Quickbooks provides, delivering reliable and easy-to-use accounting functionality so that you can stay on top of your business accounts, even when these accounts grow in complexity. Use the Quickbooks app to scan receipts directly into the platform on your phone or computer and match them up with the transaction. 


Expensify also provides a range of accounting features, as well as its receipt scanner and organizer functions. Take a photo of the receipt on your phone, and the Expensify app will pull the data from this so you can store it for future reference. You can also use Expensify to reduce the number of physical receipts you’ll have to organize in the future if you are running a business.


Shoeboxed is a little more time-consuming than the other apps on this list, as you’ll have to send your receipts to the Shoeboxed team via a postage-paid envelope to complete the processing. However, this does provide the additional advantage of third-party verification that all scanned information is stored correctly. You’ll be able to view your receipts on the app after they have been processed, and the data record is approved by the IRS.


Wave does not automatically collate data from your receipts, but it is a free receipt organizer app that may be attractive to many users. With Wave, you can add details of transactions to the platform and then attach an image of the receipt to help you stay organized.

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