4 Simple But Effective Email Organizing Tips

Let’s make a neat, tidy, and well-organized email inbox and account a reality in your life. With these simple but effective email organizing tips, you’ll be well on your way.

  • Match your email folders to your paper folders

Email organizing doesn’t need to be radically different from your physical office organizing. Make sure your email folders match your paper file categories — for example, keeping personal financial emails in one folder, and emails related to business lead generation in another.

  • Use @Action, @Read & Review, and @Waiting for quick, temporary email filing

This is a handy method from “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. Use the subfolders to keep your emails in order and to execute swift actions when managing your inbox. Turn your email account into a clear and easily navigable resource by temporarily storing emails in these holding folders.

  • Take emails to reference later OUT of your inbox

If you want to reference emails later on, take them out of your inbox! Your inbox is not a diary or a document storage facility — it is simply an arrival point for your communications. Save any important emails in your archives or in a file folder.

  • Delete, delete, delete

Don’t be afraid to delete. When it comes to digital organizing, the more you delete, the less you have to worry about later on. Be ruthless and be honest — if there’s something you don’t need, just get rid of it. Keep only the emails you genuinely need and organize these in the proper folders.

Getting your emails organized doesn’t have to be so difficult

All of these tips are very simple yet highly effective. Incorporate them into your office organization repertoire, and bring those email accounts under control. 

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