5 Easy Ways to Organize Receipts

Have you ever bought what you thought was the perfect pair of shoes to go with your new sweater only to get home and realize they don’t match? Now, you have to return them.

Or, maybe you bought your sister that perfect evening gown for her birthday, but you aren’t quite sure you got the right size, so you want to make sure she can exchange it if she needs to.

In either of these situations, or similar ones, you will need a receipt, But of course, when you go to look for that receipt you hastily crammed in your purse or wallet at the time of purchase, it is somehow nowhere to be found.

You can find an old grocery store receipt from six months ago, but not the one you just received two days ago.

We’ve all experienced this frustration at one point or another. Receipts are so important but so hard to keep up with.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve made a list of easy ways for you to organize your receipts and avoid this frustration in the future:

A binder

Organizing receipts in a binder is the traditional way. The tabs allow you to separate them by either store, product, date, or another category. You could also use this same method with folders.

The envelope system

You have likely heard of the budgeting envelope system – you put cash in each envelope and each expense has its own. Like the binder system, you would separate each receipt into an envelope based on specific categories.

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Go digital

It is 2019 and most things are digital now – try scanning your receipts and organizing them in digital folders.

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Receipt jar

This might be almost as exciting as the cookie jar! Keep a large jar on your kitchen counter or dresser and simply drop them in.

Hidden in the closet

This only works for clothing, but it is still a great system! When you hang up your new buy, attach the receipt to it so you have it until you wear the item.

And a few easy organizing practices are always easier with tools – check out the best apps for organizing receipts.

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