5 tips for virtual organizing success from a professional organizer

Looking for some great tips for virtual organizing success? Take a look at these handy pieces of advice from the professional team here at Be Organizing.

Set browser download preferences

Don’t let your browser download files to a default folder, or just anywhere. Instead, set it to ask you where to save downloaded files. This can be a valuable asset in your digital photo and file organizing strategy further down the line.

Sync devices to cloud calendars 

When you sync your devices to cloud calendars, you’ll get reminders sent directly to your smartphone or tablet — this is a digital organizer godsend.

Be methodical when backing up

A backup solution shouldn’t just be a file dump. Instead, extend your file organization processes to your backup storage and make sure your files are easy to find. If you are using multiple backups, like Dropbox and Google Drive, ensure these are organized too.

Adopt a strong filing system

Make sure you are putting all of your files in the right folders and naming them according to your system (YYYY-MM-DD-FileName, for example). Make this a habit, and keep doing it so files don’t get lost.

Audit and assess your solutions

Virtual organizing tools are crucial, but you need to audit and assess your setup to ensure you are using them in the right way. For example, are you sending yourself reminders and to-do lists via email? You might need a scheduling tool that is more fit for purpose. Do you have multiple productivity apps that you barely use? Get rid of those redundant applications.

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