6 Awesome Hacks on Managing your Website Bookmarks

How to Manage Your Website Bookmarks

When used right, website bookmarks can help you work more efficiently and keep all your relevant links in one place. That said, many people aren’t utilizing this feature correctly to receive maximum benefit.

Here are six tips to help you manage your website bookmarks:

1. Declutter your bookmarks

When was the last time you went through your bookmarks and deleted those you no longer need? Most people never do this — leaving the bookmarks cluttered and unusable.

Delete any duplicates or links that are no longer relevant. If you want to keep a bookmark, check that the link still works and update it if necessary.

2. Bookmark pages you use regularly

Your bookmarks should include links you use or reference regularly. Once you’ve decluttered, review what’s left to figure out if there are any websites you need to add to the list.

3. Use apps to create reading lists for later

Many people use bookmarks to keep track of articles and blog posts they want to read at a later date. Instead of bookmarks, why not use an app — such as Pocket — to create a reading list?

Keeping your reading list separate improves efficiency and makes sure the articles you want to read don’t get lost in a sea of bookmarks.

4. Make use of the bookmarks bar

Use the bookmarks bar to ensure websites you use daily are easily accessible at the click of your mouse.

5. Create folders to organize your bookmarks

Do you find you can never find the right bookmark when you need it? An unorganized list defeats the point of bookmarking. Use folders to make sure you can find what you need when you need it, grouping similar websites together (e.g., finances, stock photos, etc.).

6. Review regularly

Organizing your bookmarks isn’t a one-time thing. Make sure you return to this process a couple of times per year to stay on top of your bookmarks so they work for you.

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