6 Boards to Start Organizing Pinterest

So you’ve signed up for Pinterest… now what do you do with all the pins?? You’ll want to use Pinterest to your advantage and create multiple boards to organize all of your interests and make them easy to find.

Here are six great ideas for how to organize your boards to get you started:

  1. Recipe Boards – Typically, some of first boards you may want to create are recipe boards. You can break them down into appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and even drinks. Another idea could be to make one board for recipes you would like to try, and a second board to move the ones you’ve tried, enjoyed, and want to make again.
  1. Party Boards – If you have a party to plan (or maybe just want to plan for one in the future) you can search and browse everything from themes, to decorations, to games, to what to serve the guests to eat.
  1. Wedding Boards – Plan your perfect wedding: the colors, the location, the centerpieces, the flowers, and the favors. Pinterest will almost take the place of a wedding planner all together.

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  1. Gift Boards – With the holidays quickly approaching, you can use Pinterest to browse for all kinds of ideas for gifts (for yourself and for your friends and family). You can make individual boards for each of the lists. I know what you’re thinking, “But what if I don’t want anyone to know what I am thinking about getting them?” Another great feature of Pinterest is the ability to make any of your boards “private”. You are able to log on and see your private boards, but the people following you will only be able to see your public boards.
  1. Craft Boards – If you have the creative bone in you body, or just wish you did, you will be in awe of the thousands of DIY projects that are displayed on Pinterest. From making something out of all of those wine corks you’ve been collecting, to building an entire bookshelf out of recycled pallets, there are step-by-step instructions for it all.
  1. Baby Boards – Another great board to have would be for a baby that’s due soon, or even for the children you already have. You’ll find baby shower ideas, how to decorate your baby’s room, and all kinds of home remedies to treat a sore throat or the common cold.

These are just a small handful of ideas for how to get started on organizing all of the great pins you’re sure to find on Pinterest. The number one thing to remember… Just have fun with it! Make sure to keep it as another great way to get your life organized.

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