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What’s in your pocket?

A Pocket Full of Awesome Time is money. Knowledge is power. These idioms have never resonated more than in the information age we are currently in. We are constantly bombarded by content — publicly and privately sourced, global and local — and we are always searching for more. Whether it is to research for school or work, to learn, or…

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6 Awesome Hacks on Managing your Website Bookmarks

How to Manage Your Website Bookmarks When used right, website bookmarks can help you work more efficiently and keep all your relevant links in one place. That said, many people aren’t utilizing this feature correctly to receive maximum benefit. Here are six tips to help you manage your website bookmarks: 1. Declutter your bookmarks When…

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3 Classy Tips for Digital Organizing

Our Favorite Tips for Organizing Your Digital Storage There are plenty of tips on the internet for organizing your digital storage — so many, in fact, that they tend to get a little overwhelming. Organization should be simple — you don’t need an avalanche of information to confuse the process.  With this in mind, take a look…

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Deleting: The Hardest Part of Digital Photo Organizing

There’s something special about a beautiful image. And the great thing is that modern technology allows anyone, with any level of training, to take great, meaningful photos. But what about all those extras that didn’t make the cut? And what about all the screenshots, reference pictures, or accidental camera clicks? Read more: The Surprising Benefits…

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Digital Photo Deduplication Programs

The great thing about digital photography is that we can snap away to our heart’s content, capturing the perfect moment without worrying about running out of film. We can also then copy these images to different locations for editing, manipulation, or simple storage. The problem is, this soon leads to an overwhelming amount of digital…

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Declutter and Clean | 5 Steps to Help You Reclaim Your Workspace

Is a cluttered space keeping you distracted and unproductive at work? Then it’s time to make a change. No, we aren’t talking about scooping some papers into the filing cabinet — we mean heavy-duty, Marie Kondo-esque cleaning and organization. After all, an organized office not only looks nice, it can also increase productivity, save time, and…

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How to Keep Your Paper File System Organized

Being on top of your game at the office starts with an organized filing system. It can save you valuable time by allowing you to find documents easily while also minimizing unnecessary clutter in your workspace. Follow our guide to keeping organized and you’ll be kicking professional goals in no time. Keep It Simple The first…

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The Surprising Benefits of Digital Photo Organizing

It’s estimated that over 1.2 trillion digital photos were taken in 2017, and, of those, only a tiny fraction were ever organized by the photographer. With increasing numbers of snapshots floating about on cloud drives and in phone memory, should we even bother cleaning them up? We think so!  Here are some things to consider while deciding…

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Where should you store your photos in the cloud?

Not long ago, you could only preserve photos and precious memories through scrapbooking, creating photo albums, and burning digital copies on DVDs. Nowadays, storing and organizing digital photos is much easier and safer thanks to the cloud. The term “cloud storage” simply refers to online platforms where you can upload, view, share, and download files.…

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