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Back to School: Organization Tips for Moms

Back to school time is exciting but it’s also stressful for everyone, especially moms. Staying organized can help everyone feel more comfortable about that first day back in the classroom. Here are some organization tips for moms for back to school time.

Plan School Lunches Ahead of Time

If your child brings his lunch to school, plan out the week before it starts. Sit down on Sunday and make sure you have the groceries you need for making each day’s lunch. Store lunch items together on a pantry shelf and in the fridge so they are easy to find. 

Plan Meals Ahead

The school week gets busy with everyone heading in different directions. While you are grabbing groceries for the lunches, plan your suppers as well. Do some prep work or prepare freezer meals on Sunday so you have some quick go-to meals during the week.

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Have a Backpack Nook

Create a place for your child to hang their backpack and put other school supplies. Not only will it keep the backpack from spewing school items all over your house, but it will also keep your child organized and make homework time much easier. 

Use a Family Calendar

Families quickly separate when the school year starts, with each person going in a different direction. Having a family calendar available will allow you to keep tabs on who is doing what and when. Review it each night before bed so everyone knows what tomorrow brings.  You can set up a digital calendar to share with your family to easily with Cozi.

Create a Car Kit

Every parent has been in that spot where something is forgotten. Lunch got left at home, homework got missed, or your child fell and skinned his knee getting out of the car. 

Have a car kit with pencils, emergency cash, bandaids, and any other items that may be pertinent to your child during the day. This will save you from a last-minute catastrophe. 

Being a parent isn’t easy but with these organization tips, hopefully, you can start the school year off on the right foot.

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