Backing Up Your Digital Photos: The What, How, and Why 

Back up your digital photos… you’ll have heard this advice time and time again. But what does it mean exactly, how do you do it, and why even bother? Find out more below.

Digital Backup — What is it?

Digital backup is an important method of file organization. Essentially, it means saving the same file — a photo in this case — twice, once on your physical device and once in a digital storage structure. This is usually a cloud storage structure, like Dropbox.

Digital Backup — How to do it?

Adding a digital backup element to your digital photo organizer strategy is easy. You’ll need to set up an account with a cloud storage provider like Dropbox mentioned above and then save a copy of your photos here. You can setup your photos from you phone to automatically upload to a cloud storage program through the phone app. 

Get used to saving a copy of each photo to your backup storage, and keep the same virtual organizing system to make navigation easy. For example — if you save a photo to the “2022 September Cady Birthday” folder on your external hard drive, save it to the same folder in the cloud storage solution.

Digital Backup — Why is it so important?

Digital backup is so, so crucial… why? Because…

  • If your hard drive gets damaged, you could lose all your photos in the blink of an eye.
  • With no backup, you just won’t be able to get those photos back.
  • Cloud backups are great digital organizer solutions, as you can access them securely from anywhere.
  • Cloud solutions also make sharing and showing off your photos simple and straightforward.

Learn More About Digital File Organizing

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