Basic. It’s What Your Email Inbox Should Be.

With all the crazy things that get thrown our way on a daily basis, our email should not be just another place where junk builds up. By taking a couple moments to get your email system set up and organized in a way that benefits you, you will be able to take your stress level down a notch or two. Just follow these basic tasks and you’ll have a clean inbox in no time at all.

Folder System – One of the best ways to get your emails organized is setting up a folder system. Much like you would set up a folder system on your computer when you go paperless, you want to approach your emails the same way. You can break them down into categories and subcategories. Subjects may include: Digital Receipts, Bills, or Vacation Details. You can also make folders for work emails and create subcategories for each person that they are from. The big thing you want to focus on is being able to keep your main inbox as clear as possible and be able to move emails you want to view later out of your inbox. This way it’s easier for you to quickly find and reference whichever email you may need by simply going to the appropriate folder.

Filters – Another great way to easily keep track of your emails is by creating filters. These filters will direct certain emails to automatically go to certain folders that you already have set up. Depending on what email system you use, these are usually just a few easy steps to setting this up. You can filter by who sent the email and/or what keywords are in the email.

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Canned Responses/Signatures – If you run a business or use your work email a lot, you may notice that you write similar (if not the same) responses many times over. To avoid always having to remember what you may or may not have included before, you can create email scripts or languages that you can reuse all the time. If you then need to edit, add, or tweak little parts here and there, it is much quicker and easier than having to rewrite the same emails every time. It is also a great idea to create a “signature” that will automatically be included at the end of every email and response that you send out. It becomes a kind of “script” that can be reused every time This can simply be your name, or it can also include your job title, contact information, or your own language that you want included in your emails.

Unsubscribe – It is so easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of emails you receive each day (or each hour even). A quick way to cut back on this number is to unsubscribe from any unnecessary emails. Often times this will include emails from stores or manufacturers. Email servers like Google have now included an “unsubscribe” button that you can click and they take care of the rest. Another option is to find the unsubscribe option within the email itself (this is often found at the bottom of the ad and text).

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