The Best Ways to Organize Your Closet

With the changing of the seasons, one of the best places to start your “spring cleaning” is your closet. Chances are it’s stuffed full of a wide assortment of shirts, pants, dresses, suits, and shoes; everything you need to get dressed for the day. When you’re running late for a meeting or event, the last thing you want to waste more time on is rummaging through your closet trying to find that perfect top or a matching shoe.

There are many ways to organize your closet. You may just want to use one of the following options to get yours in order, or you can even combine multiple ways to get your closet looking just the way you like it. Bottom line is that you want it to be arranged in a way that will make your life easier and more organized so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Tops and Bottoms – One of the easiest ways to start organizing your clothes is to divide them all into tops and bottoms. Take a moment and put all shirts together, all shorts and pants together, and even separate any skirts and dresses you may have. If you have a split level closet, make sure to utilize it by keeping the shirts along the top row, and bottoms along the lower row.

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Color – Another great way to easily find what you’re looking for is to divide all your clothing into colors. This makes it quick and easy to put together outfits, and you’ll always know right where to look if you need a certain color of top to go with your new jeans. Speaking of jeans, it’s a great idea to separate your blue jeans from any colored jeans that you may have as well.

Sleeve Length – It’s always a great idea to organize your closet by sleeve length. By putting all your tank tops, short sleeve shirts, and long sleeve shirts in their own sections, it makes it so easy to know just where to look for the appropriate top to match the weather. Keep sweaters and jackets separate too.

Occasion – It can greatly benefit you to divide your clothes into “occasions” as well. Hang all of your work clothes together, your work out clothes together, and your casual clothes together. If you have any uniforms, you can keep those separate so they’re easy to grab when you need them. You can even separate out any items that you would wear for specific events like sporting events or beach/pool outings.

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