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Boost Productivity with These Office Organization Ideas

An unorganized desk or office space can increase your stress levels and severely reduce your productivity. Rather than procrastinate or make excuses for messy habits, perhaps it’s time to get pro-active and work on your office organization skills. You can improve your working environment and enhance your state of mind through these simple office organization ideas.

1. Organization is key – Before you start shuffling papers or throwing things in the dust bin, it’s important to start with an audit to assess what needs to be done to turn your workspace around. Take a look around to determine what you haven’t used in a while, what types of things to keep, trash or donate.  Then you can start segmenting your belongings into these categories. Take note of what things may need repair.

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2. Minimize paper – Paper is the source of a good portion of office clutter so it’s important to minimize it wherever possible. From magazines and newspapers to bills and other documents, much of your paper footprint is unnecessary in today’s digital world. Buy a shredder for sensitive documents, recycle what you can, and digitize wherever possible using apps like Scannable or Genius Scan. Sign up for e-statements and digital subscriptions to help eliminate more paper coming in.

3. Label everything – Rather than wasting time sorting electrical cords or managing huge email folders, or digital files on your desktop, maybe it’s time to divide and conquer. This applies to the real and virtual worlds. The process of labeling will make sense of what’s around you so you can find things faster and boost productivity.

4. Use your wall space – People often fail to take advantage of their wall space. Rather than creating clutter on the ground, lots of critical tasks can be moved outwards to the walls that envelop your office. From calendars and to-do lists on dry-erase boards through coat hangers and hat stands, moving outwards is a great way to stay centered.

5. Establish work “zones” – Creating different zones is a great way to organize the space that defines your working day. From your main desk or workspace through to your filing cabinets and storage areas, it’s important to put the right things in the most appropriate places based on the frequency of use and ease of access.  For example, you may only need your office supplies once in a while so you can store them in a cabinet or closet. Here are also 3 Tips for Keeping Old Files Organized in Your Office.

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