The Building Blocks of Your Calendar

Let’s face it… Life gets crazy quickly and before you know it, your head is spinning from all the things you have to do. One of the best ways to avoid a mental breakdown is to get and keep your calendar in order. “Blocking” your calendar is an easy way to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines, appointments, meetings, or events. It can also allow you to fit in time to relax (hopefully). By keeping your calendar under control, you will quickly increase your time management skills.

What Is Blocking? – Blocking your calendar is scheduling time (or reserving time) for your tasks, events, activities, etc. You are literally “blocking” out chunks of time to complete what needs to be done.

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Why Is Blocking Your Calendar Important? – It will help to keep you on track with all of the obligations that you have in your life. It also allows you time to work on your “to-do’s” and helps to hold you accountable with your time. By blocking, you lessen the chance of things slipping through the cracks (i.e. following up with a client, picking your child(ren) up from school, etc.) or double booking yourself. You are able to become so much more productive by being able to focus on your priorities.

How To Block Out Time? – Make sure you are scheduling enough time to work on or perform specific tasks. You can block out time for each project, or you can also group together same type of tasks (i.e. Making multiple phone calls). If there are certain times you are unavailable for any reason, be sure to block out that as well. It is important to keep your personal and business tasks separate. No matter how big or small the to-do may be, treat everything on your calendar as you would a doctor’s appointment – You must complete it!

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