Busy Mom? Use these 5 Simple Hacks to Remain Organized Like a Pro

It’s a typical weekday: you have just come from the office, made a successful 25-mile round-trip car pool, and visited the grocery and the cleaners. You are obviously too exhausted to perform any other duty. Right then, you remember you still have to prepare dinner, pick up your eldest daughter from her ballet class and help the others with their homework. Panic sets in and the result is devastating as you become frustrated. Then you remember that you need to up your home organizing skills, something you are still trying to learn.  Surprisingly, a lot of full-time working mom face similar situations. Here is a solution especially for those seeking to remain calm and composed. Here are 5 authentic ways to keep professional and domestic disarray at bay.

  1. Create a Calendar

A calendar equals a schedule. A well-known adage goes “if you fail to plan then you are definitely bound to fail”. Well, the truth is that having a schedule makes it easy for you to remember all the activities of the day. Everything pre-planned and placed in the calendar or schedule is easy to accomplish. Schedules help you know when to perform certain compulsory activities such as pay the bills and who to pick up from which class. That way, you avoid unwanted surprises.

  1. Delegate some duties

Most of your day is spent at the workplace as a full-time working mom. Fatigue sets in when you try to accomplish everything at the office and then at home. It is easier to delegate some work such as hiring a cleaning company for weekly general cleaning.

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  1. A weekly or monthly meal plan can save the dinner fiasco

Without a weekly meal plan, grocery shopping is haphazard. Meal planning means that grocery shopping is well planned. This saves you a daily visit to the grocery or convenient shop.

  1. Kids and their chores

Unless they are very young, kids can learn to be tidy. They can pick up their toys, place their school clothes in an organized manner or clean their shoes. Tasks are dependent on their age.

  1. Break down tasks

Some tasks appear quite overwhelming. For example, the phrase “clean the kitchen cupboards” is less daunting than “clean the house”.

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What if I am still facing difficulties? Not every step in this excerpt will help you make your house tidy.  Choose what works for you and we hope you identify new ways to organize your home. Contact us for any further details or help.

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