How to Store Passwords with LastPass

With LastPass, passwords are secured, stored and ready for use. You only need to remember one password, the one for LastPass, once you have them all entered.  Let’s take a look at how to use LastPass and how to make sure your passwords are stored correctly. How to Secure Existing Passwords Manually Access the LastPass vault. Select the Add Site…

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Top Tips for Organizing and Securing Your Passwords

Managing passwords tend to get out of hand, so how do you organize these passwords to make them easy to remember? Take a look at our tips for securing passwords on your phone, tablet or computer. Gather All Your Passwords Together You probably have lots of passwords written down, saved to your phone, recorded in…

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The Paperless way of Organizing Financial Docs

Financial documents are increasingly going digital, but you still need to keep these financial documents well organized for tax or other purposes. Take a look at some great ways to organize your financial documents, either on your computer or a cloud storage platform. Use General and Sub-Folders Think of your file folders as a tree. In the center,…

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6 Awesome Hacks on Managing your Website Bookmarks

How to Manage Your Website Bookmarks When used right, website bookmarks can help you work more efficiently and keep all your relevant links in one place. That said, many people aren’t utilizing this feature correctly to receive maximum benefit. Here are six tips to help you manage your website bookmarks: 1. Declutter your bookmarks When…

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Care For a Mint?

Mint is a great, free application that manages your financial life. It will help to pay bills, set alerts, make budgets, and keep you on track. It’s so easy to use and takes the pressure off trying to always manage all of your finances at once.

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Doing Paperless the Right Way

“Going Paperless” can seems like an intimidating task, but it really is easy, convenient, and smart. Just take a moment to follow these easy steps and you’ll be “paperless” before you know it!

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