Digital Photo Deduplication Programs

The great thing about digital photography is that we can snap away to our heart’s content, capturing the perfect moment without worrying about running out of film. We can also then copy these images to different locations for editing, manipulation, or simple storage.

The problem is, this soon leads to an overwhelming amount of digital photos, which in turn take up an overwhelming amount of storage space. A deduplication program can slim down your digital photo collection. 

But is it the best choice for you?

What is a deduplication program?

Deduplication programs analyze image files and identify duplicates within the file tree on your computer or within your storage network. This could involve comparing metadata from the image file or the image itself, or it could be a mixture of both of these elements. Files defined as duplicate are then deleted, retaining the work you want to keep, and freeing up a great deal of space.

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At least, that is the intention. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons.

Deduplication programs: Pros

  • It’s good for dealing with large file systems with lots of duplicated items.
  • You save on manual labor and therefore save time.
  • It’s a convenient resource for those operating within a tight budget.

Deduplication programs: Cons

  • The programs will only delete exactly duplicated images and files, according to the programs’ parameters. Further sophistication may need a manual touch.
  • While deduplication solutions are reliable for the most part, they may also delete files that you had not intended for deletion.  For example, a file that you edited.
  • It can be difficult to retrieve these deleted files without an external backup.

Are deduplication programs the right choice for your project?

Deduplication programs can be very convenient if you have large numbers of duplicated files and want to get rid of them without the manual labor. However, the automated technology can only pick out exactly duplicated files, and so the results might not be what you desired. 

We do not use these programs within our service, instead choosing to compare locations manually in order to remove duplicated items. We find this provides a far more effective result.

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