Don’t Fear Your Holiday Decor

And just like that, the holiday season is over! You may be standing there in a daze thinking, “OK, now what? How do I clean up all this mess and get back on track?”

As fun as it can be putting up all the decorations, it can be a bit overwhelming figuring out how to put them all away again. You’ll  want to make sure they are stored neat and orderly until it’s time to bring them back out into the light again next year. Here are some great tips for storing your holiday decorations:

Colored Bins – When you have a lot of different bins of items in your storage space, it can be easy to lose track of what is in which bin. When you want to put up your decorations the next year, it can be frustrating to have to look through multiple containers to find what you’re looking for. To avoid this frustration, purchase some storage bins that are in a specific color that you will use for all the holiday décor. Some places even sell red and green bins around the holidays (which makes for easy recognition). It is also a great idea to label your bins.

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Purge – As you are taking down all of the decorations, decide what you will want to keep for the next year. If there are items that you didn’t even use, possibly broke, or lights that may have burnt out, just get rid of them. You can also throw out or recycle old boxes or bags that you don’t need anymore.

Ornaments – One of the best and safest ways to store your ornaments is to get a container with dividers in it specifically designed to protect ornaments. You can also make your own dividers out of cardboard at home.

Lights – There are few things worse that a tangled mess of Christmas lights. To avoid the headache of having to take hours next year undoing knots of lights, make sure to put them away properly. One easy way to do this is to take a square of cardboard and wrap the strands of lights around it. Then simply tuck the end or secure it with a twist-tie.

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