Don’t Forget These Three Important Things When Calendaring

Planning a schedule and setting a calendar are two of the cornerstones of living a more organized life. Take a look at these three crucial aspects of calendaring, and build your schedule in the right way.


Time blocking is something we believe in very strongly here at Be Organizing. However, we also recognize how quickly this can get out of hand. You may find yourself an extensive and well-ordered plan that you simply cannot realistically complete in the allotted time.

Be realistic when time blocking and calendaring. Draw upon your past experiences and set realistic timeslots, or use best guesses to organize your time into a schedule you can feasibly stick to. Create time buffers where required for when tasks overrun or when you have to handle something else unexpectedly — this may happen from time to time.


Boundaries are critical when it comes to calendaring. When you plan your schedule, make sure your priorities are blocked off on your calendar first. This makes these key tasks — such as time spent with friends or family, working out, or handling business-critical duties — your focus.

Next, block other tasks off your calendar. Make sure these tasks don't end up running into each other. For example, set a timeframe for checking emails and responding to them. If an email takes longer than expected to respond to, make sure you block off time to come back to this later. Put these discrete time blocks into your calendar and stick to them. If your planned schedule is unmanageable, use this experience to reorganize your calendar into a better system.


To make sure your calendaring efforts and your time blocks are working for you, you need discipline. You have blocked off time on your calendar for a reason, so follow the guide you have made for yourself and live a more efficient, better-organized life.

Don't be afraid to make changes if certain time blocks are not working out. But once you find a system that works for you, commit to it.

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