FileThis: The Awesome Tool for Going Paperless You Don’t Want to Miss

FileThis: Don’t Miss This Awesome Tool for Going Paperless

Going paperless is not so tricky. You simply need the right solutions to support you — and this is where FileThis comes in. Once you have switched your accounts to e-statements, FileThis provides the crucial next step you need.

What Is FileThis?

FileThis is a program that delivers e-statements from each of your accounts every week whether it be your checking, savings, investment, credit card, mortgage, cell phone, internet or your gas and electric accounts.  You simply register with FileThis, connect the program to your bank, financial institution and/or utility company turn on your notifications, and you’re all set.

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The Benefits of FileThis

  • Ultra secure

To establish the connection between your financial institution, you must use your financial institution’s encrypted log-in portal. All communication takes place via the same encrypted channels, minimizing risk.

  • Easy organization

FileThis will store PDF statements wherever you instruct it to. In this way, you can quickly and easily organize all of your statements, retaining as much manual control as you want while still leveraging the labor-saving benefits of automation.

  • Effective tax records

Financial institutions often make historical statements available through their portal, but these often only go back about three years. Unfortunately, this is not enough for your tax records, and you will need statements that go back longer than three years. FileThis makes it possible to build a long and comprehensive chain of statements that can be used to produce effective tax records. 

  • Convenient notifications

Users receive email notifications whenever they have a bill that needs attention, or another urgent message. FileThis makes sure that users do not get left in the dark when it comes to important actions.

  • Lots of advantages in the free version of the program

Users can register six connections for free, which can be set to check different accounts once a week. For example, if you want your savings and credit card statements checked, you can set these up under separate connections. If you want each connection to have its own log-in, you can set it up this way.

Users can register up to 12 connections on the paid version, with plans starting at only $2 per month.

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