Finally, A Solution for Organizing Your Digital Photos

So you just got back from an amazing summer vacation and sit down to relive all the memories. Suddenly, you realize you have hundreds of photos that you took, and have no idea what to do with them all. You think to yourself, “Now what? Do I post them all to Facebook? Do I take the time to make a photo book? Or do I just leave them on my camera roll, possibly looking at them all again someday?”

Chances are, they will remain on your camera roll until you need extra space for the next adventure to be documented. But there is a better solution… Google Photos!

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Google Photos is an app that can be downloaded on your phone or tablet, and can be viewed online. It provides both photo and video management, storage, and backup for your memories. Your photos will automatically back up from your device when you are connected to Wi-Fi, and it will even organize them all by date. You are also able to edit your photos with the app, so don’t worry about not getting rid of red eye or bad lighting. With Google Photos, you can also free up space on your phone by deleting the pictures as they are uploaded to Google. Anytime you wish to see the photos again, you can easily open the app and view all of your memories. And for those of you that love Google Drive, all of your photos and videos can also be organized and viewed easily in folders.

So how do you go about getting started with Google Photos you may ask? It’s so easy! All you need is a Google account, which is totally free if you don’t have one yet. Then just download the Google Photos app to your phone or tablet, which is also free! And to top it all off, the storage space is free too (as long as they are being uploaded directly from your devices).

Well there you go… an easy (and free) way to back up, organize, and store all those amazing pictures you’ve taken over the summer. A few simple steps to help the memories last a lifetime.

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