From Shutterbug to Scrapbooker: Ways to Display and Share Your Digital Photos

When it comes to photos, you can greatly benefit from a digital organizer. This means sharing, storing, and enjoying all those stunning images and incredible memories in one convenient place. But, for this, you need the right digital photo organizer solution on your side. 

Find Your Storage Program

We love Dropbox or OneDrive cloud storage programs that help you save, store and display your photos. These options back up directly from your phone via the app, and you can still view the photos on your phone – with an internet connection – even after you have deleted the file from your device.

These options also save the native version of the file for easy organization, and you won’t lose all that file organization work if you do end up moving to another solution.

Share Your Photos Digitally

You’ll still be able to share your photos even after you have uploaded them to the Dropbox or OneDrive cloud. Both of these solutions offer sharing functions – for example, you can send an accessible link via email for friends and family members to open. They’ll be able to view your photo even if they do not have a Dropbox or OneDrive account.

Share Your Photos Physically

Digitally sharing your photos makes life more convenient, but you have other options too. You can still save your images to a USB drive and share them this way if you wish, or you can print your images for displays and physical presentations. The choice remains yours – one of the many benefits of the organized life.

Learn More About Sharing, Storing, and Organizing Your Pics

Want to learn more about enjoying your photos in the way those great images deserve? Reach out to our team or enroll in one of our courses.

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