Getting a Head Start on Organizing Digital Photos

We all know how easy it is for digital photos to get out of hand. You pick up your smartphone, you snap a pic, you snap another, and another — before you know it, you’ve got loads of photos of the same thing. You decide to go through them, organize them, delete what you don’t want, but you don’t have time right now. Then the next photo opportunity comes around, and the cycle begins again.

Break free of this cycle and get a head start of digital photo organization.

Best Practices for Digital Photos

Taking control of your smartphone camera roll and your digital photo files is not so difficult. You just need to follow a few key best practices when digital photo organizing.

  • Find the right photo storage program.  Using apps like Amazon Photos means you can easily arrange pics and get them off your phone so they don’t keep taking up storage space.
  • Create new folders in your photo storage program for each occasion, whether for a family birthday or wedding or a new product photoshoot.
  • Be proactive with deleting — deleting unwanted photos immediately makes the task much easier.  If you can’t commit to deleting immediately, find one day a week or month to delete. 
  • Use your backup to organize photos. You should be backing up your photos anyway, but backing up with software like Amazon Photos means you can easily arrange and edit pics.
  • Don’t photo dump — sending all your files to a different device just moves the mess somewhere else. Instead, organize your photos into files and folders whenever you move them into their storage program.

Best Apps to Help Out

There are plenty of smartphone organization apps out there, and you’re probably already using quite a few of them. Take a look at some of the best apps for digital photo organizing.

  • Amazon Photos for automatic photo storage from your phone
  • Amazon Drive for powerful organization and photo file management (photos are saved from Amazon Photos automatically)
  • Unfade app for turning your phone into a photo scanner to digitize pictures

Get Organized with Direct Support and Digital Organization Courses

Want some help as you get your digital photos organized? Reach out to our team to discover more, or check out our online photo organization courses. 

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