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Green Ways to Organize Your Home

We all know how stressful it can be trying to organize our homes after the holidays. The biggest challenge is finding a way to deal with the clutter left behind after the festivities. But do you know that you can actually organize your house in an eco-friendly way by reusing or repurposing most of the old stuff? Green organizing is all about ensuring that there is as little waste as possible when putting your house back in order. Here are some tips to help you organize your home in a green way:

1. Going paperless

go paperless_organize your home

With so many companies giving their customers the option to transact electronically, you no longer have to stress yourself with paper bills and statements all over your house. By choosing online banking and electronic payments and subscriptions, you will not only make it easier to organize home affairs but also contribute to environmental conservation.

Here is also a great article on how to organize your receipts electronically and keep them updated and available anytime you may need them.

2. Repurpose cans and old glass jars

These items can become great containers for desk organizers, bathroom containers or even bulk pantry items. That means that you get to free up space in your home and, at the same time, sort items in your office in an organized fashion. You can use a glass jar to sort out things such as beauty products (brushes, lipsticks etc.), or office supplies (erasers, pins, clips, pens etc.) Large tin cans are also great garden planters.  There are many home organizing hacks where you can repurpose what you already have.  

3. Organizing and storing holiday decor

If you want your holiday decor to stay in good condition for next year, you should store them in the right way. You don’t want to be struggling to untangle crumpled up Christmas lights in December when an egg carton or a piece of cardboard is all you need to store them properly (the egg dividers should be your guide).

storing holiday decor_organize your home

Another great idea involves wrapping your small or medium sized ornaments using a paper towel or toilet paper. With the boxes which contained Christmas presents, you don’t need new containers or boxes for different storage needs.

There is no doubt that repurposing or recycling used items and using them to store your holiday decorations or using them as desk organizers can save you a fair amount of money. We always “shop” in our clients’ homes to repurpose what they already own.  Have fun by being creative in coming up with other ways to reuse what you have when organizing your home all the while decreasing your carbon footprint.

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