Guidelines for your E-File Organizing System You Can’t Live Without

We all know that getting on top of our E-file organization system is an important task, and yet many of us still put it off. As many as 20% describe themselves as chronic procrastinators, and this makes organization difficult. However, with the right guidelines, digital organization is not such a tricky task.

Draft Your House Rules Before You Begin

Before you get started organizing your files, jot down a few house rules. This will help you and anyone else involved in the organization process keep everything neatly and properly ordered. For example, decide on your category names — “Car Insurance,” “BMW Insurance,” and “Auto Insurance” may all refer to the same thing, but can cause havoc once your computer automatically alphabetizes your files. Decide on how to name your files and record this in your rules document.

Be Detailed

Go into detail where required. You don’t want a rogue file messing up your organization, so make sure to record how you plan to name each document. Make a note of the file structure you plan to use — for instance, Year, Month, Day, and File Name — so that there are no inconsistencies as you get your files organized.

Make Methodical Changes to Your Rules When Required

It’s important to do your best to keep to your rules. However, bear in mind that changes may be required, such as adding file categories and sub-sections to your organizational setup. So, a bit of flexibility is important here. Don’t be afraid of making changes — just be sure to record these changes in your rules document so that everyone is on the same page!

Consider How Different Files Will Be Organized

Remember that you won’t want to organize all of your files in the same way. Some files may be suitable for organizing chronologically, while others will need to be organized alphabetically. Additionally, organizing files such as holiday photos may require a different approach. For this, you may need to create a central Holidays folder, then sub-folders within this relating to each year, with further folders within these relating to specific holidays.

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