How I Learned Home Organization and Became Successful

An organized home saves time and money. You’ll find what you need more quickly, remove unsightly clutter and avoid having to pay for extra space. With enough effort and persistence, anyone can accomplish this.

All the techniques in this article have become everyday habits for me, and I learned the value of saving time and space by making them a big part of my life. Home organization is a necessity that allows me to live in peace and not feel stressed or overwhelmed. By getting organized, I found that I can spend more time doing what I love. Here’s how you can do it too:

Setting Goals

Get started by writing down meaningful yet realistic goals. For instance, you might strive to keep all of your clothes in one closet, or stop needing to rent a storage locker. You could also aim to organize all papers in a single file cabinet.

Sorting, Purging

Look through your closets and drawers to find things that you’ll never actually use. Sort them into groups of items you plan to throw away, recycle, donate or sell. Think about digitizing old pictures and documents by scanning them.

Placement Tips

Don’t just leave clothing, tools, pens or mail in random places. Ensure that each possession has its own “home.” Dedicate specific drawers, shelves and bins to certain types of items and label them if necessary.

You can temporarily place related belongings together to help you remember them. For example, put your keys, sunglasses, gloves and reusable grocery bag in the same spot so you won’t forget any of them when you leave.


To keep your home organized and free of clutter, only shop for items you really need. Create shopping lists and carefully check your cupboards to make sure you won’t buy goods you already have. When you replace something, don’t keep the old one.

The “one in, one out rule” doesn’t just apply to replacing one worn-out belonging with another. When I acquire any new item, I let go of something else that takes up a similar amount of space. For example, I gave away an old camera before buying new headphones.  This practice is crucial to maintaining and not letting clutter sneak up on you.

Make home organization part of your regular cleaning routine. Keep looking for unneeded items and purging them. You should always have a bin for belongings that you want to give away.

Finally, remember not to procrastinate. Successful organization happens much more easily if you exert consistent effort rather than letting things pile up until they overwhelm you. This process takes a lot of work at first but I’ve found that it truly delivers worthwhile benefits.

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