How scanned and digitized photos let you enjoy your pictures more

We’ve had so many people come to us and tell us that they’re worried about scanning and digitizing their pictures — that those scanned images will lose some of the essence that makes physical photos so special. They feel that they may not enjoy these digitized photos as much.

We always tell them it’s the opposite! Scanning your photos brings all those wonderful memories back to life and can help you enjoy them even more. Here’s why:

  • Photos become so much more shareable — You can share your photos with friends or family by emailing or texting a copy or sending photos on an external drive or USB.
  • It’s easier to enjoy photos together — Whether you are flicking through pictures on your phone or streaming them to your television, it becomes much easier to explore a cool slideshow of images.
  • You can enjoy a more personalized screensaver or backdrop — Wouldn’t you rather have your photos as your backdrop or screensaver rather than a stock photo or another random image?
  • You can create photo books that you can print out and give as gifts for family and friends — Choose the right printing and scanning services, and you’ll achieve a lovely personalized gift for that special someone.
  • A world of printing options becomes available to you — Whatever you want to do with your photos, it’s up to you. Print them on canvases to create professional-looking pictures for your home or office wall, or apply the images to pillowcases, blankets, or anything else that comes to mind. It’s easy when your photos are all digitized.
  • Organizing is much easier — There are loads of apps available to help you display and organize your photos. Try a digital frame like Nixplay that will help you send, share, rotate, and edit photos with ease.

Sure, hard copy photos still look great, but you can’t ignore the options that digitization offers. You’ll find yourself enjoying pictures that may otherwise have been left forgotten in a drawer or closet.

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