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How to Get Organized for School: 10 Tips for Students

School days are busy. Kids have classes, afterschool activities, and homework. Stress rides high, but getting organized can keep your child stress free. Knowing where to find things saves time and makes you more productive. Here are a few tips to help your child get organized and ready to go.

Create a Routine

While it’s not possible to stick to a routine all the time, having some sort of consistency will help your kids get things done on time. Include all daily activities, including homework in that routine.

Keep a Planner

Have your child use a planner to write everything down: homework, tests, after school activities, and anything else they need to remember. Keep the planner visible so your child can check off tasks as they get done.

Put Each Subject in a Different Notebook

Get your child a specific notebook for each subject. When test time comes, they will have all their notes handy. 

Get Something Done

Look through the planner and have your child pick one task and focus on it. When it’s done, move on to the next task. Don’t multi-task or nothing will get done.

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Create Study Time

Kids have basketball time and band time. Be sure to create a study time each night for your child to get their school work done. 

Pack Your Bag

Each night when your child is done studying, help them pack the bookbag for the next morning. Make sure everything for the next day is available. This prevents a last-minute scramble in the morning.

Pick Out Clothes

Have your child take a few minutes before bed to pick out clothes. It doesn’t take long, but it saves you time in the morning when kids are still half asleep anyway.

Clean Out the Bag

Kids’ bags tend to collect things. After a long week, take a minute to declutter all the unwanted items that have found their way into the backpack.

Use Sticky Notes

If there are some unordinary things happening during a day or week, use sticky notes to remind your kids of these things. Pick a place where everyone will look to hang these notes. 

Plan the Next Day

Before going to bed, help your child plan what is happening the next day. If everyone is aware, no one is caught off guard. 

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