How to Keep Your Paper File System Organized

Being on top of your game at the office starts with an organized filing system. It can save you valuable time by allowing you to find documents easily while also minimizing unnecessary clutter in your workspace. Follow our guide to keeping organized and you’ll be kicking professional goals in no time.

Keep It Simple

The first and most important point is not to overcomplicate your system with too many folders and subfolders. Sit down and think about the categories you require and formulate a structure that is simple and clear — with a general name for main folders and more specific ones for subfolders. You are more likely to maintain a simplified system so take your time at this point to clarify your categories.

Label Your Files and Folders Properly

When it comes to naming your files and folders, be concise. Also, use the terminology that is most relevant to you (e.g. car vs. automobile) — you’re better able to manage and stick with your filing system if the language used is personalized. Don’t forget to devise a logical scheme for the placement of your folders, be it alphabetically, by category, or by order of importance.

Don’t Forget to Purge

Speak to your attorney and CPA to know how long you are required to hold on to documents. Set up a periodic reminder in your calendar to remove unnecessary files — clearing out the excess is both satisfying and necessary to the success of a good filing system. Finally, be sure to purge any irrelevant information that could be easily found elsewhere. A quick Google search is preferable to spending hours pouring over countless documents to locate your answer so only hang on to essential files. 

Taking the time to establish an organized filing system with a logical structure is guaranteed to become an invaluable asset in your working life.

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