How to Organize Your Jewelry Now

Keeping your jewelry well organized is important because it means that you are less likely to lose precious pieces. A well-organized jewelry box also lets you easily find and pick out items. Digging through a bin or drawer of jewelry makes it a hassle to see what you have, as well as often causes your jewelry to become tangled.

After all, you should be able to enjoy all the beautiful jewelry pieces that you own! Here is how to best organize your jewelry.

Like Decor

We love the approach of displaying your jewelry like it’s part of your décor so you can see everything instantly. This is our favorite method of organizing jewelry! You can make your own by putting a piece of fabric over a corkboard, and then using push pins to hang your jewelry. 

A vintage rake makes a great way to hang your necklaces, keeping them orderly and avoiding stubborn knots and tangles. For earrings, this acrylic earring organizer is perfect for keeping your earrings organized, meaning you’ll never need to search for missing mates or backs again!

To keep bracelets, bangles, and watches well organized and tidy, this acrylic jewelry stand is perfect. If you’re always trying to find your rings, this organizer is ideal for keeping your rings in order.

In A Drawer

If displays and organizers do not work for you, we think using something like these stackable jewelry boxes is your best option. Using these boxes lets you sort your jewelry into different types of items: for example, you can have all your rings in one section, separated into the various compartments. This means you know where to find everything, and you avoid your jewelry pieces getting tangled up.

Keeping your jewelry well organized means you can easily see what you have, as well as preventing items becoming tangled or risking losing pieces. Jewelry boards, organizers, stands, or a drawer with compartments are all excellent ways to keep your jewelry organized.

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