How To Organize Your Tasks Like A Pro

So much to do; so little time. Time management is the Achilles heel for a lot of people today. There is just something so fun, warm and fuzzy about procrastinating; until you are a day away from your deadline and you start to panic. To avoid the stress of a last-minute lifestyle, it is important to learn how to organize your tasks. Trust me, it is a whole lot more fun to do a few tasks over a long period of time than to do them all at once. But how exactly do you get started on this path of using your time wisely? The answer is in 4 powerful D-words.

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The 4 D task management plan focuses on striking a balance between importance and urgency. There are many different models out there with the same principle. However, this is the only one with a fun and easy-to-remember mnemonic. Each D word represents a category into which your different activities could fall in. Here is a bit more about the groups.

  1. Do now– These activities are, above all else, urgent. You simply cannot afford to be late so they should always be given first priority when planning.
  1. Delegate– These are very important activities that you simply cannot finish alone. There is also often some degree of urgency attached. A great example would be getting files and reports into storage to free up floor space in the office.
  1. Defer– With such tasks, you often have the luxury of time so you can afford to procrastinate. However, it is best to plan ahead in order to avoid getting overwhelmed as time runs out. Plan when you are going to work on the task.
  1. Drop– these activities just do not belong on your to-do list and should therefore not be given any of your precious time. The tasks are usually not in any way related to your end goal or project objectives. So save that shopping trip or movie marathon for holiday time when you do not have end terms or quarterly reports breathing down your neck.
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This task management model makes it very easy to organize your activities whether you are working with limited or limitless schedules. Our company offers professional help implementing these and other organization plans. So reach out and let us help you get your busy life in order.

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