How virtual organizing can help you save time and money: A case study

Meet Jane. Jane balances her time between running her small business and helping her teenage kids navigate high school and adolescence. This may be a familiar situation for lots of you out there, but Jane is a little different. You see, there are two Janes — Digital Organizer Jane and Chaotic Jane. Let’s see how each one is getting on.

Searching for a business contract

Jane needs to review the terms of a contract she has with one of her clients, ahead of a negotiation. But first, she needs to find the contract.

Digital Organizer Jane

Jane knows exactly where the contract is because it’s in the Contracts folder she uses for file organization, and it is named according to Jane’s virtual organizing file naming system — with the date first and the client name second.

Chaotic Jane

Jane knows the contract is somewhere on her computer, but she’s not sure where. She can’t search for it, as she doesn’t know what it’s called. She’s faced with a choice — negotiate from memory and risk making a mistake, or appear unprofessional by asking the client for the contract details.

Designing a product for a client

Jane needs to continue working on a project she began last week for a client, but she’s not at her office desk.

Digital Organizer Jane

Jane simply accesses the design solution remotely via the cloud, loading up the project ready to go.

Chaotic Jane

Jane has to start the project from scratch, and it takes her twice as long to complete.

Finding family holiday pictures for a project

Jane’s children need family holiday pictures from 10 years ago for a class project. 

Digital Organizer Jane

Jane searches for the photos using her digital photo organizer naming conventions, but they aren’t on the computer. Fortunately, they are backed up on Dropbox, exactly where she predicted.

Chaotic Jane

The photos are lost, and they aren’t backed up. The kids will need another project idea.

Get organized this year

There’s a little bit of Digital Organizer Jane, and a little bit of Chaotic Jane, in all of us. Make sure it’s more of the former — reach out to our team or take one of our courses.

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