Keeping your holiday to-dos organized

The holidays bring with them lots of fun and loads of great times. Unfortunately, they also provide you with several things you need to get done. 

Technology is your friend here. Downloading an app to your smartphone can turn holiday preparation nightmares into a simple, easy-to-organize process.

Download an app to keep your to-do lists organized

There are plenty of apps out there to help you stay on top of your holiday to-dos. Two of the most popular and most effective are Evernote and Todoist.

Both of these applications are easy to use and offer pretty much the same advantages. However, there are subtle differences. 

How does Evernote work?

  • Sign up to Evernote and create a free account. You can download the Evernote app on up to two devices.
  • You’re ready to get started. Hit “Create New Note” and start building your to-do list.
  • The app’s Editor function helps you change the notes you create as you go, adding or crossing off items as you complete them.
  • If you find that your notes are getting out of hand, don’t worry. You can easily add notes to different notebooks within the app so you can keep track of various to-do list categories.
  • Use the Search bar to find the notes you need, when you need them.

How does Todoist work?

  • Sign up to Todoist and create your free account. Download the Todoist app to your smartphone.
  • Type what you need to do into the box and hit “Add Task.”
  • Assign the task to a certain folder or category.
  • Drag and drop to move tasks up or down your list of priorities.

Both of these apps are free to download, so give each one a try until you find the best fit for you and your holiday to-do list.

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