Keeping Your Memories Safe

These days, photos live out most of their lives in digital form; whether that may be on your phone, computer, or somewhere in “the cloud”. But what about all of those stacks of photo albums you have somewhere in your home collecting dust? Pages and pages of printed memories that you, understandably, do not want to get rid of, because, after all, they are all moments that are dear to you and you don’t want to forget.

Don’t worry. I am not going to tell you to get rid of them. I just want to walk you through taking the hundreds of hard copies of photos you have and making them into digital memories. This will not only increase your accessibility to all of your photos, it will be a great way to protect all those moments from ever being lost or destroyed by fire, water, or passing time. Digitalizing all of these photos will be a way to share the great times and continue to pass them down for generations to come.

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Start by gathering all of your photo albums and going through them. Decide what photos you want to keep and what photos you are comfortable parting with. Some pictures that you thought would be awesome for years to come, may not be worth keeping now (such as landscapes, people, or even duplicates that may have snuck in there). Sort them all into groups, depending on how you want them to be organized: chronological, events, vacations, holidays, people, or even a combination of themes. Once you have this completed, you can either begin scanning the photos into your computer yourself, or, if you have a large amount, you can also have a company do it professionally for you. I strongly recommend making sure that you are able to scan the photos at at least 300 dpi’s.

Once all of the pictures have been scanned, you can store them with all of your other digital photos. I also recommend uploading all of your photos to Google Photos or even an external hard drive to ensure that your memories are safe.

So, while it may seem a bit scary to think about anything happening to or getting rid of your old albums, digitalizing all of those memories is a great way to keep them safe… and organized!

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