Love Your Home! Get it Organized

Have you ever set foot in an empty space or an empty room for that matter? What do you feel when you are immersed in such a space? Refreshed has to be the word for it. You can’t help but feel like a burden has been lifted. Now imagine if you were to feel this way every time you step into your home. That is the power of organization. Do not get me wrong, organization does not equate to empty spaces and neither does it equate to minimalism. This is just one of the many reasons why organization is so important. And if you have been planning to declutter then sit tight because this is the article for you.  Here are some home organization ideas:

Have a look around your house and see what areas need the most work.  

A home organization hack that you can use when it comes to this is that you can take into account what is more urgent compared to another so as to ensure that there is flow and priority. Talk of being organized in an aim to be more organized.      

Create a home cleaning/tidying system and checklist.

Write or type out what needs to be done every week.  From there you can create a schedule and share the responsibility by assigning each task to a family member.  Instead of running around trying to figure out what needs to be done, wasting time and getting overwhelmed you will have a consistent plan in place. 

Using digital applications in place of paper.

Most of the papers in our homes whether they are in form of documents, magazines or books take a lot of space and placing them in one corner of the house does not make it look any better.  Start digitalizing the paper in your home. Learn the steps to easily go paperless here.

 Create a drop zone.

A lot of times just creating a proper drop zone for your keys, kids backpacks, kids artwork, mail, permission slips, etc. can immediately alleviate the chaos at home.  Designate an area for all these “drop” items to go so they don’t create clutter.

Create a donation area.

When it comes to clutter, most of it is made up of items that we no longer use or need. A common area being in our closets. Create a donation zone in your closet so you can easily get rid of stuff.  Bring a bag, basket, bin or box that you can leave in there and once it’s full take it to donation. Do not limit yourself to the closet alone but the rest of the areas in the house too. 

Weekly Meal Planning

One tip for organizing your home that is brushed aside has to be meal planning. We see this mostly with those who work out but isn’t it time we jumped on the wagon as well. With meal planning, you not only get organized in terms of what you are going to have during the week, but your fridge is also going to look pleasing to the eye. 

Try out these home organization hacks and let your home be your sanctuary.

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