Making the Most of Your Photos: Organization Hacks from a Professional Organizer

How do you make the most of your photos? Take a look at a few hacks from a professional digital organizer!

Direct Sharing and Showing

Use a digital photo organizer solution with integrated sharing and showing functionality. What we mean by this is an app that integrates directly with your cloud storage solution – such as Google Drive or Dropbox – as well as with other useful devices and programs. 

For example, choose an app you can cast to your TV or another device for showing off your pics. In addition, select an app that has sharing options – such as email, WhatsApp, SMS, or social media connectivity – so you can send your photos to loved ones with just a few taps.

Stay on Top of Virtual Organizing

Organize your photos on the go! Don’t wait until later when the virtual organizing tasks could become just too big to manage.

Back Up Photos and Log-In Info

You’ll need to back up your photos in a cloud storage solution, but you’ll also need to ‘back up’ your log-in info. Memorize and autosave your username and password for the storage solution, but also make sure there is a secondary option – a phone number or email you can use if you lose these credentials – so you never lose access.

Remember, it’s best not to write your file organization passwords down, or reuse old ones. Just make sure you can reset the password easily if you need to.

Get More from Your Photos

Want to learn more about digital photo organization? Reach out to our team or take a look at some of our handy file organization courses.

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