Maximize Your Digital Life: Stop Wasting Time Searching

How much time do you waste searching for files? If the answer is “too much,” let’s put that right…

Get on Top of File Management

Digital or virtual organizing is such an important part of modern life — so much time is now spent online and on digital devices these days, after all! Adopting a few simple file organization best practices can make a world of difference.

Store All Your Files in One Place

Don’t leave your files spread everywhere. Instead, store your files in a single digital library, whether in one cloud storage program or your “Documents” folder on your computer.  You can set auto backups to make sure none of your files gets lost for maximum peace of mind.

Set Your File Naming Strategy, and Stick to It

Decide how you are going to name your files, and keep to this plan. For example, if you start your file name with the date, make sure you do this every time so that files are easy to navigate through. 

Use Default Folders Only When Necessary

Default folders can be useful, but only up to a point. When you install an app, for example, this is going to live in your Program folder — this is fine; leave it there! When you download something, however, it’s going to get lost in your default Downloads folder. Avoid this by immediately moving your downloads to a specific folder and renaming the file according to your file structure.

Don’t Delay

File organization doesn’t have to be such a big job. Make sure each new file you create or download is properly named and saved in the right folder. It only takes a few extra seconds and can save you hours of work further down the line.

Stop Wasting Time on File Searching

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