Memories Are Meant to be Kept

Memories Are Meant to be Kep

The holidays are a prime time for memories to be made. And these days, it’s so easy to create memories, whether it’s taking photos with your smartphone, collecting trinkets from vacations, or the countless art projects that your children bring home from school. With this ease and time also comes the trouble of trying to decide what to do with all of these things. You want to cherish the memories, but sometimes it may be items that you don’t necessarily use or need access to everyday. Below are a few ideas of ways to keep your memories alive so you can enjoy them for years and years to come.


Display - When you take the time to make the memories and collect memorabilia, you should be able to enjoy them! This can easily be done by putting it on display. Whether it’s a certain area in your home or a potion of your wall, it’s a great idea to have a space in mind to display your artwork, memories, and/or pictures (especially if you have children). You can even use a magnetic or cork board that will make it easy to transition the items as they come in.

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Digitize - An easy way to save space while still keeping all of your memories alive is to scan or take a digital photo of your memorabilia. For any of the paper items, scanning would be best, and a photo works best for the non-paper items (i.e. a t-shirt or ceramic coffee mug hand painted by your child). Once the items have been digitized, we encourage you to only keep the most important or favorite hard copy/physical version of the memorabilia and get rid of the rest to save space. Since you’ll have it scanned/photographed, you will still be able to view and enjoy it without losing the memories.


Contain What You Keep - For any of the physical items that you don’t simply digitize or simply aren’t ready to part with, you’ll want to make sure to keep them protected when they are not on display. It is a great idea to use plastic weather/air tight bins to help to keep out moisture and pests, while preserving your memorabilia. The Container Store has many great options that come in different shapes and sizes. By designating a bin for each child’s memorabilia, you can easily pass memories on to them once they have grown up and moved out of the house.

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