Moving House? Give Yourself a Great Foundation with Digital Organization

Moving house can be an overwhelming experience — even more stressful than getting divorced or having children, apparently! This is largely thanks to how physical the whole process is. With so much to pack, keep track of, store, move, and then reassemble in the new property, it’s no wonder so many people get intimidated by the whole thing.

But even a physical process like this one can be kept in check with digital organization. Take a look at how digital solutions can help with house move organizing, reducing stress and worry in the process.

Planning the Move

There are plenty of productivity apps and solutions out there, most of which are for work and business. However, many of these can be applied to the process of moving house, as they provide checklists, to-do lists, and scheduling to help you stay on track. You can even choose to receive notifications at different points in the process to help ensure you are not falling behind. An app like Evernote is ideal for getting organized ahead of the move.

Getting Your Belongings in Order

Which belongings are in which box? Which box needs to be moved into which room? It’s difficult to stay on top of something like this — difficult maybe but certainly not impossible, especially when digital organization is on your side. Log all this information and make sure everything is packed properly and then unpacked properly at the other end. Remember to label the boxes with numbers that correspond to your digital list, and you can record the contents of the box on the app — Evernote is also useful here.

Visualizing Your New Space

How do you visualize where your belongings will fit into your new home? Digital organization tools can help with this, too. With floor plans and images, you can map out what your new living space will look like and re-draft your plan as you see fit. The result? A headstart on the moving-in process and a load off your mind. Apps such as Floor Plan Creator and MagicPlan can help you achieve this visualization.

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