New Year, New Calendar, New You

With the New Year beginning and everything getting back to “normal”, it’s important to start the year off right by making sure your calendar and schedule are updated and ready to help you along the way. You’ll want your calendar to work for you, not against you. All those events in your life can become overwhelming, but if you use your schedule smartly, you will have no problem knowing what each day holds.

Use Your Devices – This day and age there are so many different devices at your fingertips to help keep your lives in order (if used correctly at least). One of the easiest ways to always have your schedules with you is to use your phone’s calendar option. You have the ability to check it at any time. You can also download Google Calendar for free on your mobile device and access it on any computer.

Color Code – It can be easy to get lost in all the appointments, meetings, birthday parties, and daily events that come up. A great way to sort them all out is to color code the events. Make all appointments one color, make all parties or events another color, make all school/work events another color, and so on.

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Sync Calendars – It’s also great to sync the calendar on your phone with the one on your computer at home and/or work. This will ensure you can add an event wherever you are and it will automatically appear on all the devices.

Share Calendars – Another great option is “sharing” your calendar with your spouse, family members, or friends. It will allow others to see when you’re available or if you’ve got something already scheduled. They can also have access to add events on the calendar that you will be able to see the next time you view it.

Just Do It – Make sure to put everything on your calendar so that you remember to do it. Even if it’s something small, like a workout or phone call, add it so you have it written down and available. You can even add alerts/alarms for the tasks that are really important to do at certain times.

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