Organizing 101 – What To Keep And What To Throw Away

Have you ever just sat at home or in your office and wondered how all the clutter around you got to that point? It could be toys that your kids have outgrown or a collection of business journals that just might land you a spot on the Guinness Book of Records. When figuring out how to get organized, the most important thing is to determine what to keep and what to toss.


What you should keep 


One key thing to remember when organizing is that not all clutter is trash. Yes, we know there are a few things in that unsightly pile that could still serve you well and that you may want to keep. Here are a few key traits of such items.

– If you actually still use it on a regular basis.

– If there is space for it in your home or office without causing clutter.

– If it is functionally irreplaceable.

– If you love it. Yes, sometimes sentimental value is a valid reason to hold on to stuff.

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What you should throw away

Unfortunately, or fortunately, not everything is salvageable when organizing. This means you will have to say goodbye to some of your old stuff. If the clutter meets the criteria below, it’s time you introduce it to the bin.

– It is damaged beyond repair.

– You have too many of the same item. Just keep what you need and get rid of the rest.

– There are more convenient alternatives. For example, you could use digital storage in place of paper files and reports.

– You just never use it anymore and it is just taking up space.

– If you do not love or even like it.

– You can find it easily somewhere else. For example, you can look up information online about a class you have been wanting to take.

– It is no longer relevant and/or the information has changed. For instance, the top stocks list from 2016 and best restaurants to try in your area has most likely changed from then to now.

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Get professional help

Hopefully, with all this information it will be easier for you to get started on organizing. However, even the best organizers need a little help. Feel free to reach out to us and get assistance with organizing. We can help you simplify your home, business and digital life!

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