Organizing Your Receipts: Top Tips for Keeping Receipts Under Control

Receipts are important, whether for tax purposes or simply for returning unwanted items. Unfortunately, a lot of people have a habit of getting receipts out of control. Take a look at our top tips for organizing your receipts.

Scan Now, Not Later

Whenever you need to keep a receipt for tax purposes, scan it immediately with your phone. If you leave it till later, chances are it will get lost or misplaced. Apps such as Quickbooks and Expensify allow you to scan receipts directly from your phone, while Scannable and Genius Scan allow you to save receipts in your cloud folder.

Get Them Out of Your Email

Don’t forget about the receipts you receive in your email. Hit the “Print to PDF’ option and then save the file to the appropriate folder. QuickBooks and Expensify also allow you to forward the email to a specified address for automated filing.

Name Your Receipts

Whenever you save a scanned receipt file, don’t forget to rename it. Include the date of the receipt, what the receipt was for, and the price total of the receipt. Alternatively, include all of this in the description if you are saving the receipt directly to an app. If you get audited by the IRS, this will make the whole process easier. What’s more, it will help you remember which purchases are tax-deductible and which were personal expenses.

Note Down Return Policies

If you are unsure whether you are going to return something you purchased, keep the receipt with that item until you do know.  Set reminders in your phone if there is an expiry date for returns and note the specific store.

Get Rid of Useless Receipts

Throw away any receipts that you don’t need for taxes and receipts for any purchases you won’t need to return.

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