Scanning your photos: What you need to do to prepare

If you’re getting ready to scan your photos, here are our recommended first steps and how to begin your preparations.

Get sorting

It all starts with sorting your photos into categories. Get hold of some plastic zip bags, manila folders, or paper envelopes and start putting your photos into groups.

Sorting your photos might seem like a big task initially, but it’s going to save you a whole load of time and effort later on.

Make Post-Its your friend

Post-Its are pretty low-tech, but they are also seriously useful. Write the name of each photo group or category. Then, stick it on the bag, folder, or envelope you want to label.

Labeling in this way gives you a handy reference point so that you don’t lose track of your photos. A good photo scanning company will use the labels you give them and reproduce the label name on the digital folder they create — making the whole process much easier.

Adopt the same system you use for your digital photos

Don’t just write any old name on the folder notes. You need to make sure that you have a solid and reliable system so that your pictures stay organized. 

For example, if you’re using a chronological labeling system, remember to stay consistent, such as “year-month-date-title” (2019-08-07-Mom’s Birthday). Doing so will help you find your photos easily once they are scanned.

Work with reputable scanners

Only work with the best scanning companies. Believe us — it’s worth the money. The peace of mind you experience when you know the job is being done right is priceless.

With a few simple steps, scanning that unwieldy set of physical photos becomes a lot easier and more straightforward. Don’t get overwhelmed — just get those photos sorted!

Check out our Digital Photo Organizing Course if you want more specific broken down steps and how-tos for your digital photos.

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