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Spring clean your computer files in 3 steps

April is upon us, which means it’s time for spring cleaning. In the modern age, spring cleaning can be digital, too — take a look at our three easy steps for getting your computer files in order.

Step one: Clear out your downloads folder

We’ve all downloaded the same file multiple times simply because we’ve forgotten that we already have it. We’ve probably also saved a file by accident, with no intention of ever using it. Don’t be too hard on yourself for this — just make sure you rectify the situation. Go through your downloads folder to delete anything you don’t need and file away what you do need. Be brutal, particularly with older files you forgot even existed.  

Step two: Clean up the files on your desktop 

Your desktop is designed to be a neat and tidy place for quickly accessing programs and applications you use regularly. Unfortunately, it can easily become an intermediary storage location for anything that doesn’t have an obvious home. So, it’s time to get your desktop in order. Delete any screenshots you have saved there and move all the files you want to keep into their appropriate folders. Make sure that your desktop is reserved just for shortcuts to the most used applications or folders.

Step three: Locate any missing files in your main folder structure 

Even with the best intentions, files have a habit of getting lost. So, in the final step of your April spring cleaning mission, review your file structure and check through for any files that are out of place. When you find an unruly file that has wandered off from the flock, make sure you move it back to where it belongs.

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