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Spring Cleaning and Home Organization Tips

With spring on our heels, there’s no better time to give your home, and by extension, your life, a refresh. This is the perfect time to get rid of clothes you no longer wear, books you no longer read, and clean out that closet that you haven’t opened since last spring. 

Though spring cleaning is a great time for pruning, it can also be stressful – but it doesn’t have to be.  Read on for some spring cleaning and home organization tips and suggestions to help your home look its best this spring! 

Establish a routine

Something that makes cleaning frustrating is doing it without a routine. Our first spring cleaning trick is to establish your own routine. This will make spring cleaning much easier since you’ll make a habit out of cleaning.

Here’s an example spring cleaning routine:

  • clean your bathrooms
  • cook lunch 
  • clean your bedroom
  • have a snack
  • vacuum the house
  • cook dinner

If you repeat this routine every Monday during spring, you’ll find it much easier to complete since it’s part of a routine!

Organize your cleaning tools

One of the best spring cleaning tips we can offer is to organize your cleaning tools

If you have a ton of cleaning products and tools, but for different rooms, purchase a cheap caddy to store different bottles.  Certain rooms like your kitchen and bathrooms should have its own caddy to keep the cleaning products separate. 

A great home organization tip? Use different colored rags for each room so you don’t mix chemicals! 

Organize your belongings

One of the best parts of spring cleaning is the organization that comes with it. When you organize and declutter, you can free up space, making your home more comfortable and less chaotic. Our next home organization tip is to separate your belongings into three groups. Then box them up. 

  • donation
  • repair
  • put away

When you divide your belongings into these three boxes, you’ll be far more organized when it comes to spring cleaning. 

Bonus tip: take your donation box to the donation center the next day so it’s not sitting around your home for weeks!

Switch out your closets

home organization tips_closet switch-out

Springtime means putting away your sweaters and pulling out your tank tops. Take the time to organize your closets and switch out your clothing for the appropriate season. 

A home organization idea? Get a shoe organizer, hang it on the back of your door, and keep all of your spring accessories like bags, jewelry, and belts neatly tucked away.

Declutter your home

One of the top spring cleaning tips for anyone is to declutter your home. This means getting rid of anything that you haven’t used, things that are broken, or things you no longer need. Decluttering is extremely important to successful spring cleaning.

Wash winter clothes

You’ll thank yourself later if you wash your winter clothing now. Wash winter gloves, hats, scarves, and heavy sweaters, and when they’re clean, put them in boxes for next year. 

Clean your fireplace

Warmer weather means you won’t need your fireplace, so it’s time to clean it out. Take the time to sweep your chimney and get rid of any leftover ashes.

Enjoy your spring with our spring cleaning tips!

After following our home organization and spring cleaning tips, you’ll be sure to enjoy your spring, summer, and beyond!

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