Starting the New Year Off on the Right Foot: Make Organization Your Priority

The New Year is upon us, which means a new start and a new opportunity to better ourselves over the next 12 months. New Year’s resolutions are some of the most popular ways to bring about this change in our lives, and the stats show that we’re actually pretty good at keeping them! Around 84 percent of people who made resolutions for 2020 managed to keep at least some of them, which is good going in such a chaotic year!

So, how can we push these figures even higher for 2021? How can the 16 percent of us who didn’t keep any resolutions do better in the coming year?

The answer is simple: clarity. Without a strong foundation to build upon, it becomes difficult to see our resolutions through in the right way. We become disorganized, we lose focus, and our resolutions fall by the wayside.

Before you make any large-scale changes in your life, think about what you are currently working with. For example:

  • You plan to use that new rowing machine or exercise bike more often, but the space is packed with other items.
  • You want to work smarter and more efficiently in 2021, but your desktop is a digital mess, with shortcuts and programs everywhere, and that’s before you get into the files.
  • You hope to learn a new language this year, but your schedule is jumbled and choked with other tasks.

In all of these examples, the key barrier is organization. But don’t fret. Here at Be Organizing, we provide courses and plans aimed at helping you take back control of your life in the right way. Get organized, and let’s kick 2021 off in the right way. Reach out to the team to learn more.

Let’s have a great 2021.

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