Staying Organized While the Kids Are Off School

School vacations are here, and the kids are off school. So, how do you stay organized during the school holidays? Here are a few of our tips.

Plan with the kids in mind

Yes, you have things to do and tasks to take care of. But, also, school holidays are here and the kids want to play. You can easily strike a positive balance with the right approach. Plan trips and excursions that they will love, schedule time that you can enjoy together as a family, and build your own work, organization, or other tasks into this framework. This way, there is time for everything.

Make time for yourself

Traditionally, summer schools and summer camps have provided parents with a short break over the summer. However, in the wake of the pandemic, this may become less common. For example, in 2021, around 79% of summer schools are providing remote classes online.

In this new landscape, it’s still crucial to make time for yourself. As you plan your summer, factor in the “me time” that you really need and deserve.

Get everyone onside

Organization can be much easier when everyone is working together, and many organizational activities might even be fun for the kids, too! Take advantage of this. For example, the little ones might enjoy organizing digital photos and reliving those great memories, and they are definitely going to enjoy planning a trip or vacation.

Make organization a time saver, not a time waster

Basically, organization should be about saving your time, not wasting it. With automated tools such as AutomateIt or IFTT, you can program your digital devices to carry out specific tasks at a specific time or in a specific place, saving you time in the process. Meanwhile, you can use an app like TripIt to get your family ready for your next excursion. There are plenty of options to help you have a great summer.

Want to Learn More About These Options?

Getting organized for summer and keeping the kids happy is actually not so difficult to achieve. To learn more about this or any of our solutions or courses, reach out to our team.

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