The Amazing World of Pinterest

These days, it’s not uncommon to hear someone start a thought with, “I saw this thing on Pinterest…”. It is an amazing website that provides literally endless ideas for everything from recipes, parties, and arts and crafts, to even what outfit you should wear for every occasion. If set up and utilized properly, it can be such a great visual organizing tool for almost all of your needs (i.e. hobbies, crafts, special interests, etc).

Need a different way to tie your tie? Check Pinterest. Trying to figure out how to configure your groupings of picture frames? Check Pinterest. What’s another way to prepare chicken for dinner? Just check Pinterest!

It is an amazing free tool you can use from any of your devices. Simply create an account and log in on your computer, and download the app to your tablet and smartphone. Once signed up, you can create your profile and immediately dive into searching for wonderful things. What’s great is that you can choose to browse within categories that are already created, or you can use their “search” tool to get more specific for whatever you have in mind.

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While viewing all of the “pins”, as they’re called, you can choose to either “pin” something to a board on your profile (which will be visible to anyone following you) or simply “like” something (which will save it to your profile, but it will not be visible to anyone else). “Boards” are what you use to organize and divide up all of the pins you choose to save. You can give them different titles to keep them all easy to find again.

You are also able to follow other people and their specific boards. This allows you to view their pins and also see when they make new pins. It’s a great way to keep a constant flow of new ideas popping up every time you log on.

Another tool within Pinterest is the ability to add a “save pin” extension to the browser on your computer. Simply go to the “Help Center” and choose “Pinterest Basics”. Then click on the option “Add the Pinterest Browser Button”, choose which browser you use, and the steps will be laid out for you. Once installed, you will then have the option to create and save pins from virtually any website you visit.

Finally, somewhere to go and find a never ending number of things that will make your life easier. So hurry up and join this amazing vortex they call Pinterest!

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